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Since its inception, the Beyond the Dream Foundation has always maintained a proud heritage of academic achievement. In the spirit of this storied heritage, the Foundation annually awards scholarships to young men who are graduating from high school with the aspiration to pursue a college career. Consistent with the standards set forth by the founders, awardees were chosen for their high moral character, community involvement, and academic achievement.

Each year the Beyond the Dream Foundation proudly awards between $3500 - $10,000 in scholarships to young men from the Mid-Hudson New York and Danbury (CT), communities. This benevolence is simply a demonstration of the Foundation’s commitment to helping young men further their education through financial support, even in times of our country’s economic hardships.

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New Scholarship Offerings for 2015-2016

The Foundation is excited to expand the number of scholarships offered from philanthropists throughout the Tri-State who share our commitment to breakdown the financial barriers to college.

Computer Science : Endeavor Scholarship


Award Information : A student will receive $1,000 dollars for college studies. The awardee must attended a 4-year college or university. The awardee must be validated by the registrar of the attending college.

Awarding: $1,000

2016 Awarded To :

Scholarships Seeking Funding

The Foundation is currently working to fund these additional scholarships through fundraising events and generous donations from the public and philanthropists.

Human Rights Studies : Sojourner Truth Scholarship


Award Information : The student will receive $1,000 dollars each year for 4 years while attending an accredited 4-year college or university. The awardee must be validated each year as a full-time student.

Funding Goal: $4,000

Amount Remaining To Meet The Goal:

Status (Seeking/Fully Funded) :

2016 Awarded To :